An unfortunate effect of aging is increased susceptibility to medical issues that affect our cognitive functions and quality of life. It’s important to keep both mind and body active and healthy to prevent or slow the progress of life-changing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, pneumonia, heart disease or dementia. Fortunately, there are several activities and exercises that appeal to seniors and can help keep the mind and body active and full of vitality. Although these activities cannot entirely prevent certain hereditary or degenerative conditions from ever occurring, they can help people maximize the enjoyment of their golden years.

Exercise Your Body

  • Take a walk – Fall is the perfect season to enjoy the cool weather by taking a walk on a park trail, through an orchard or pumpkin patch. Even a casual walk improves blood circulation and keeps your immune system active.
  • Take a Tai Chi or yoga class – Tai Chi is a common exercise among elders in many Asian nations. It’s a low-impact activity that not only improves focus, but boosts energy and circulation. Yoga functions similarly and can alleviate or prevent arthritic symptoms from appearing while keeping limbs and joints pliable.
  • Go for a swim – Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean you can’t go for a swim. Join a gym with a pool or enroll in swimming or water aerobics classes specifically designed for seniors. Swimming allows your limbs to experience a full range of motion with enough cushion to prevent serious injuries portrait of senior friends participating in water aerobisfrom occurring. Swimming is also great for people suffering from arthritic symptoms as it doesn’t cause unnecessary strain on your limbs and joints, allowing you to enjoy your exercise without pain. Not only can you enjoy a relaxing, low-impact workout, but you can do so in the company of friends and peers.


Exercise Your Mind

  • Sudoku – This logic-based, number-placement puzzle is a great challenge that keeps your mind on its toes and improves mathematic skills.
  • Crossword puzzles – A classic game that’s great for players of all levels.
  • Learn a new language – Learning a new language is scientifically proven to increase the size of your brain, opening up new pathways of thinking and cognition.
  • Write stories, poetry or novels – Writing is a great way to process feelings and emotions, not only providing mood-boosting endorphins but also stimulating the brain.
  • Woodworking – Express creativity and improve your hand-eye coordination with woodworking and carving. It’s also great for relieving stress, keeping your mind sharp, focused and organized on tasks at hand.
  • Play games – Even videogames can stimulate brain activity with problem solving, hand-eye coordination and strategy elements. Games for Wii and Wii U are also great for getting you on your feet and moving, exercising both mind and body.

Exercise Both Mind and Body with Ivy Gables Assisted Living

Live life to the fullest with Ivy Gables assisted living. Ivy Gables’ residents have access to several daily activities, including exercise classes, walking clubs, educational seminars, cooking classes and so much more. ivygables-yogaOur staff is passionate about helping our residents stay mentally and physically active with activities and options that truly appeal to our residents. We’re also known for our special events, including country rides, productions courtesy of our Candlelight Theater, Concert in the Park series and more.

If you or a loved one are interested in joining a lively, active assisted living community, Ivy Gables is the choice for you. Contact us today to discuss how you can become a part of our fun, spirited living community.


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