For many, the new year means fresh starts and welcoming change. The tradition of creating a new year’s resolution helps people across the world focus their efforts on eliminating bad habits or starting good ones. As you age your needs may change, and the same resolutions you were aiming for in the past, such as getting a job promotion or having fewer arguments with your children, may not work for you any longer. As you transform, so must your resolutions.


Group of senior women exercising in a health clubEating healthy, exercising or even meditating are great resolutions to help you focus more on taking care of your body and ensuring your health for many more years. If you have a sweet tooth, opting for a sugar-free option or substituting fruit for dessert are great ways to eat healthier while still feeling satisfied.

Walk for 20 minutes a day or begin a new workout routine to look and feel better. Finding a low impact sport in which to participate can also help you feel more energetic and can reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

If you feel stressed out more often than not, it may help to dedicate an hour a day to meditation or another relaxing activity to calm your mind. Reducing your stress can provide huge health benefits such as reducing anxiety and depression.


Everyone has a bucket list, whether it’s written down or just in their head. The new year is a great time to aim for those exciting activities you’ve always hoped to do. If you haven’t already, write down your bucket list and decide which item you’d like to check off first. Perhaps this is the year you travel to Paris or skydive. Whichever activity you choose, you’ll feel happier and more accomplished after doing it. See how many you can check off in a year!


Remember that hobby you used to love doing but just didn’t have the spare time to keep it going? This may be the year to pick it back up and fall in love again. Turn your hobby into volunteer work, if possible! Love knitting? Knit hats and scarves for the local homeless shelter. Have a green thumb? Help a local school or neighborhood create a vegetable garden. Whatever you love doing, try doing more of it this year.


As we age, we may tend to feel isolated and lonely as our family juggles their own busy lives. The new year is the perfect time to reconnect with an old friend, go to your high school reunion or schedule weekly webcam chats with faraway loved ones. If you prefer a more personal touch, become your grandchild’s pen pal or start a letter journal with a dear friend.

Even by becoming more tech savvy, we can develop closer relationships with our younger family and friends. Learn email, use a webcam or get social media to deepen your bonds with others.


It may not be as fun to think about, but your golden years are the most important time to plan for what
happens in the future. Sit down with a family member to discuss how you will be cared for should you end up being unable to care for yourself. Record any wishes you want fulfilled and choose whetNew Year 2017 Resolution Check Listher you’d like a designated family member or a professional caregiver to care for you if you cannot remain independent.

It’s good to distinguish between your “wants” and your “needs” now
before it’s too late and those decisions are made for you. Perhaps you should downsize by getting rid of items you no longer need or even consider moving from your current home to an independent senior living community of your choice.

This is also an ideal time to get your estate documents in order, whether it’s a will, trust or something else. Making a plan to prepare for the inevitable will help you and your loved ones enjoy more peace of mind.

New year’s resolutions can be an empowering way to enjoy your best years and may even help you extend those years so you can fit in more resolutions! To learn about independent life within a senior living community, contact Ivy Gables Senior Living Community online or by calling 302-475-9400.


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