As your parents or grandparents reach an age where they can no longer care for themselves like they used to, the responsibility to help care for them is transferred to their children or grandchildren. Caring for a loved one when you have your own family to care for can be difficult to manage, especially when your parent or grandparent has special needs.

It’s understandable that your loved one may be hesitant about moving to an assisted living facility, but assisted living can provide the services, assistance and resources they need to continue living healthy, productive lives. Here are some benefits of assisted living that will alleviate you and your loved one’s fears and concerns.

Benefits of Assisted Living

  • Assisted living residents experience a better quality of life – Many assisted living residents can still live independent lives, performing their own chores and activities as they did at home.1 Assisted living specialists recognize the importance of maintaining independence for their residents, which is why we only provide extra care when absolutely necessary or requested. Assisted care specialists are there to help residents with chores they can no longer handle safely or appropriately. Special needs residents receive the care and attention they need that is specific to their condition, which still allows them to live productively.
  • Assisted living communities provide more social and recreational opportunities – A great benefit of assisted living are the opportunities for socialization and recreational activities. Having a socially rich life is an important aspect of good mental health. Living with others around the same age makes it easier to bond and engage in group activities such as fitness classes, low-impact activities and sports.
  • Assisted living is designed with the safety of residents in mind – Assisted living specialists are trained to pay attention to the needs of their residents and the environment they live in, minimizing hazards to their health. Residents will have access to appliances and features that cater to their needs such as assistance bars in bathtubs and showers and remote panic buttons. Assisted living facilities are also designed to house residents with special needs and are staffed with specialists who are trained in meeting those needs, such as making sure residents with Alzheimer’s don’t wander out of the facility.
  • Assisted living can rapidly respond to emergency situations – Accidents happen, in assisted living facilities and at home. The difference between suffering a fall at home versus suffering a fall in an assisted living facility are the experienced specialists who are on hand 24/7 in assisted living facilities to monitor and care for their residents. Community settings allow specialists to identify some potential health issues long before they become severe, enabling them to be quickly addressed. Specialists can notify emergency responders the minute an emergency occurs and can calmly administer general first-aid with on-site equipment until they arrive.

Rest Easy in Assisted Living with Ivy Gables

Ivy Gables is a comfortable assisted living facility with professional specialists on hand to monitor and assist your loved one when needed. We firmly believe in preserving the independence of our residents, and our specialists only step in when absolutely necessary. Our facility is equipped with safety measures and features to guarantee the safety of our residents, including remote panic buttons, fire sprinklers, and bed linen services, support amenities in showers and bathtubs and specialists on-site 24/7.

Our facility is designed more like studio apartments, with residents having the choice of studios or large studio apartments complete with kitchenettes. We also have a fitness and arts and craft center on-site, providing the amenities many apartment complexes provide but with restaurant-style nutritious meals provided daily.

Contact us today to reserve a space for a loved one or to schedule a consultation with our specialists.


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